Will writing

Why have a Will?

A carefully written Will can reduce the emotional anguish and financial hardship that results when a loved one dies intestate (that is without a Will).

In your Will, you decide how you want your estate distributed, who will act as guardian to your children, what age they can inherit and can exclude those you do not want to benefit from your estate.

Findon Legal Consultants Wills include an assessment of your estate, which provides information about any potential Inheritance Tax concerns which may arise.

Within our Wills, if you so wish, you have the opportunity to donate to any of your favorite charities.

Our Wills can also include information with regard any specific funeral arrangements.

A Will can ensure that complicated family relations i.e. step-families, ex-partners, multiple properties etc…are dealt with fairly.

Our Will writers take time to carefully note all your requirements, advising you on the implications of your choices. This produces a comprehensive document covering all major eventualities including total calamity. It is often recommended that a will be reviewed every 5 years. We spend time to ensure that subject to a major change in family or financial circumstances a Will should last significantly longer before requiring a review.

We recommend a will for anyone over the age of 18.

Findon Will Writing

Findon Legal Consultants have an excellent reputation within the industry, and are members of the Society of Will Writers.

All instructions are undertaken face to face in the privacy of your own home, to ensure all the complexities and requirements are covered, we will spend as long as is required, to provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your wishes are accurately reflected in your final document.

We are specialists in our field and we have a wide range of clients from individuals to charities and corporate organisations.

We will attend the signing to make sure that the document is properly signed and witnessed to ensure legal compliance.

Advanced Directive/Advanced Decision (Living will)

Findon Legal Consultants can provide a legal document which enables you, while you are still able, to express your wishes and have control about what will happen should you become terminally ill have a serious injury or incapacity. 

This document enables you to make end of life choices now, allowing you to die with dignity.

Business Wills and Cross Option Agreements

Everybody in business needs a Will in order to ensure a smooth transition of their commercial and personal assets upon critical illness or death. This is to protect the business, business partners, shareholders and provide for the families.

Business Wills and Cross Option Agreements can be put in place together with a lasting Power of Attorney, Property and Affairs to give maximum protection to any commercial enterprise. This prevents unqualified and unreliable relatives taking charge of a business of which they have little knowledge.

Findon Legal Consultants can be contacted for more information on Business Wills and Cross Option Agreements.